Affiliate and referral tracking for SaaS

Launch your own affiliate and referral program in minutes. Quick integration with Stripe, Recurly, Braintree, Chargebee or with our API.

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Dashboard 1000w

Everything you need to run your own affiliate, referral and influencer program

FirstPromoter is an all-in-one platform that allows SaaS companies to track, manage and optimize any type of referral based marketing programs.

Branded affiliate dashboard

Affiliates can see their stats and share the referral link from their own private dashboard. See image on the right >

One-click Paypal payouts

Pay hundreds of affiliates at once, directly from FirstPromoter dashboard.

Two-sided rewards

Reward both your promoters for referring sales and their friends for signing up with cash, discounts, credits...

Personalized referral link and coupon code tracking

You can track sales by discount coupon codes alone, email or personalized referral links.

Trusted by hundreds of SaaS businesses
Agora Pulse Demio Better Proposals Learn Worlds Quaderno

Built for subscriptions

Dealing with recurring and one-time charges, upgrades, cancellations, refunds, expired CCs ?

FirstPromoter knows how to automatically adjust commissions for any billing event.

recurring commissions in sync with users' subscription

automated refunds and chargebacks tracking

commissions are verified and approved automatically

you can set different rewards for each pricing plan

view your trialling, paying and cancelled referred users and metrics like MRR generated by affiliates


We've been using FirstPromoter and it's awesome. Virgil has been great at support there. We set up a referral + affiliate program connected to Stripe.

demio testimonial

Launch affiliate and referral campaigns with ease

FirstPromoter's step by step setup makes it super easy to get started and launch your first affiliate program, no matter how simple or complex your affiliate scheme is.

Robust segmentation

Each campaign can have its own affiliates, commissions/rewards structure, messaging(emails), links and signup pages

Flexible commissions

You can set percentage or fixed commissions, with a different first month amount or limited time recurring commissions.

Campaign bonuses

Promoters can get bonuses when they sign up to a campaign or successfully refer a set number of customers.

Private campaigns

You can create private campaigns for different events and invite only specific affiliates to promote them.

Team commissions

Campaigns can be managed by different team members and they can receive commissions based on the campaign performance.

Multi-level rewards

You can structure your campaigns as multiple levels. When affiliates reach a target, they can be "levelled up" to the next campaign.


One-click automated Paypal payouts

You can pay hundreds of affiliates in one go, directly from your FirstPromoter account with 0% commission.

Unlike Paypal MassPay, you don't have to log in to Paypal, upload CSV files and manually mark payouts as completed.

Payouts invoicing for EU companies new

We're the first affiliate tracking tool for SaaS companies that handles the difficult task of managing VAT and Non-VAT invoices for payouts made to affiliates.

automated collection and validation of invoicing details

VAT ID validation through VIES for each invoice

VAT amount is calculated and applied automatically

highly customizable invoice template

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We use Firstpromoter and it's class. Super easy to use. Virgil is an absolute star and has great ideas about how to get the most from an affiliate programme.

better-proposals testimonial

Automatically activate and engage your promoters

Activate and on-board your new affiliates with pre-made, customizable drip emails. FirstPromoter also keeps your promoters engaged by notifying when:

they get a new reward or commission

they reach the campaign target of referred customers

they refer a new lead or trial sign up

their payout is completed

MsgHero testimonial

Great platform, really loving how easy everything is. We love how FirstPromoter helps us scale our affiliate program here at MSGHero.

Ecamm testimonial

Hi! I just wanted to say this service is amazing and a pleasure to use!! Have a great weekend!

Customizable affiliate dashboard

Your promoters have a beautiful "portal" where they can check their stats, view their rewards and share referral links. You can customize:

logo, background, border, buttons and text colors

page meta-content, favicon, affiliate terms

sharing message for social channels

visibility for different sections like payouts, leads, assets

campaign signup fields and pending approval page

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We have been running our affiliate program on First Promoter for more than a year. It's an accessible platform with great resources and provided us the help we need from the beginning to boost our sales. Also, they have a great team to help you out with everything.

heepsy testimonial

Some more features

If you are looking for a specific feature, please contact us via live-chat, as we may already have a solution. If not, we'll try our best to implement it for you.

Use your own domain

Set your own domain(with SSL encryption support) like for affiliate dashboard and sign up pages.

Individual rewards and bonuses

You can give performance bonuses and personalize the commissions and rewards scheme for each affiliate individually.

Direct URL tracking

You can assign a unique URL or landing page to an affiliate and FirstPromoter will be able track referrals without a referral link.

Fraud Protection

Affiliates get commissions only when the purchase is confirmed by your billing provider. We also have algorithms to indentify suspicious leads.

SEO friendly referral links

No redirects. No ugly short-links. Get the maximum SEO juice with anchor-based(#) or query referral links in 8 formats(?via, ?_by, ?_go, etc).

Invite your team

Get your teammates inside FirstPromoter. You can set 3 different user roles and restrict access to certain campaigns.

Multiple currencies

We support 190 currencies and can do conversions in 170. We use daily updated exchange rates and you can apply your own exchange fee.

Custom CSS and Javascript

Get unlimited flexibility on your affiliates dashboard. From enabling services like live-chat, surveys or analytics to changing the design completely.

Embeddable affiliate dashboard

You can embed the affiliate dashboard inside your application and log your users in automatically, without asking them to enter a password or email.

getting started

<15 minutes integration

Our step-by-step setup makes the integration a breeze, so you can get your program up and running in no-time.

one-click setup with Stripe

private app install for Shopify stores

API and Webhook connection with Recurly, Braintree and Chargebee.

our tracking API for any other billing provider

connect with 1000+ apps using Zapier

I love First Promoter. Omnify’s Affiliate Program runs on it and we can’t be more happy. The product is so simple and easy to use and the support is outstanding.

omnify testimonial


All plans come with a 14 days FREE trial period.
No credit card required.


$ 49

up to $5000/month* from affiliates

0% transaction fees

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unlimited visitors
maximum 1000 affiliates/promoters
maximum 2 campaigns
personalized referral links
link and coupon tracking
product SKU or plan level rewards
multi-links with sub-id tracking
brandable promoter dashboard
email marketing automation
quick mass Paypal payouts
unlimited team members


$ 99

up to $15,000/month* from affiliates

0% transaction fees

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everything in Starter +

one-click automated Paypal payouts
payouts invoicing for EU companies new
custom Email server and sending domain
W-9/W-8BEN tax form collection
manage multiple websites(+1 free)
multi-tiered commissions(MLM)
use your own email templates
unlimited affiliates/promoters
unlimited campaigns
use your own domain
migration support
bank payouts


$ 149+

over $15,000/month* from affiliates

0% transaction fees

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everything in Business +

custom css and Javascript
no "Powered by" link
custom integrations and support

*all revenue generated each month by your affiliate/referral program(including new and recurring sales)


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.
If you have some other questions, please ask us via live-chat and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Can you make payouts directly from the Stripe account?

Not at this time. Stripe has country and withdrawal limitations and requires individual verification. This is a big friction point for affiliates to sign up, whilst almost everyone has a Paypal account. Even if you don't want to use Paypal, you can still pay your affiliates by any method you like as long you mark the payout as completed in FirstPromoter.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. Your promoters will be able to sign up and access their dashboard from your own subdomain like By default, the referral links look like or so you'll get full SEO benefits.

What's the affiliate cookie life?

The default cookie life for referral links is 60 days, but we can change it to any value. If a visitor signs up within 60 days after the first visit following a referral link, his/her sales will be tracked as affiliate sales and commissions/rewards will be attributed.

Will affiliate marketing work for my business?

Like with any marketing channel, patience and the amount of allocated resources will contribute immensely to the end result. For some companies the program ramps up by itself, for others it may require more effort. In any case, we recommend to give it at least 1 year before closing it down, one big influencer or partner can turn the ROI of your program around.

How long are your contracts?

We offer both monthly and yearly plans with 2 months free. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are GDPR compliant. Click here for more details.

Gdpr compliant