Promoters' FAQ

Mobimag referral program

Mobimag referral program tracking is provided by FirstPromoter. If you have questions about this program, please check the FAQ below.

What is FirstPromoter?

FirstPromoter is an affiliate and referral tracking application for SaaS and subscription based businesses. If you are interested in launching an affiliate program for your SaaS company, please check our website.

When and how do I get paid for my earnings?

FirstPromoter is NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY for the payouts and fulfilment of your commissions and rewards. Please contact Mobimag, they can tell you when and how your payments will be processed. We also DO NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT for the referral program to affiliates/promoters.

What is the minimum payout amount?

Mobimag is responsible for setting up the minimum payout amount. We offer companies a FAQ module inside the affiliate/referral dashboard where they can clarify most questions promoters have about their program, if you don't see this on your dashboard you can ask the company to enable it.

What's the affiliate cookie life?

Our default cookie life is 60 days, however the company who manages the referral program can modify it. Also, please check the answer above.

What should I do if I don't get paid?

Unfortunately we can't help you out, we provide only the tracking services. You should contact Mobimag support for more information.

Why can’t I see my sign-ups and/or rewards?

Our tracking is based on browser cookies, so if you used a different browser/device from the visit to sign up, you cleared your cookies, you used incognito, or you signed up from your own referral link, the signup might not be tracked.

Can I sign up on behalf of my clients through my own referral link?

We recommend you either sign up from your clients’ computers (if possible) OR sign up your clients as usual (without a referral link) then contact Mobimag and let them know the emails of your clients so they can assign the leads to your account.

How can I see more details about my performance?

We offer a "Details" page which shows your progress by days, weeks and months. On the same page you can see your top referres, URLs and sub-ids. We also have a "Rewards" page that can show a list of all commissions and rewards you received together with their status. There is also a "Leads" page where you can see what leads you referred and their status. If you don't see these pages in your dashboard, probably the company managing the program chose not to enable them.